FAQ – Pawn Broker & Pawn Loans

Why Should I Sell My Gold to San Francisco Gold Buyer?

S.F. Gold Buyer is a legitimate, licensed Secondhand Dealer and Pawn Broker business. We comply with all federal, state, and local regulations in our field. We hold all items for 30 days as mandated by law in order for police to have access to any stolen goods that may end up in our possession.

Those fly-by-night weekend hotel events and gold parties do not comply with any of these regulations. Nor do they use the proper modern scientific equipment to identify the value of your gold. This results in guess work by them and lower payouts to you.

Typically, illegal buying operations are fronts for money laundering, drug dealing, and potentially even anti-U.S. terrorist activities. Because they are fronts, your gold will pass through many hands before it is refined, so you will be paid less at the time you sell – sometimes much less.

Why would you participate even unintentionally by enabling these buyers to conduct their illegal activities through these methods? Why would you want to assist in supporting the black market through which stolen goods are moved?

When you sell to S.F. Gold Buyer you can be assured that your valuables will be assayed using the most reliable methods, resulting in the highest possible payouts to you, our valued customers. Knowing S.F. Gold Buyer complies with all relevant laws gives our customers peace of mind of knowing they are dealing with a law abiding, legitimate business.

We look forward to serving you with integrity and honesty at S.F. Gold Buyer.

Where Is San Francisco Gold Buyer?

We are located at 255 West Portal Avenue, between Vicente and 14th Avenues in San Francisco.

Why Should I Come to San Francisco Gold Buyer?

At San Francisco Gold Buyer we treat our customers with courtesy, respect, and efficiency. We will carefully and scientifically assess your possessions for purity and value, weigh them accurately, and present a fair offer. We’ll explain our valuation methods and appraisals so you understand the gold, silver, and platinum content of your possessions and how we have evaluated their worth.

How Will I Be Paid?

You choose your preferred payment method: either cash or company check. Payments are made immediately upon your decision to sell to us. We’ll process your sale and provide payment at the close of your visit upon completion of minimal paperwork.

What Can I Sell to San Francisco Gold Buyer?

We will buy gold, silver, or platinum items you no longer want, both jewelry and other objects. We accept broken and damaged valuables. We buy both pocket and wristwatches.
In some instances we also buy gold-filled pieces. We do not buy costume jewelry or gold or silver plated objects.
Bring in your sterling silver tableware and flatware, gold and silver coins, old coins, stamps, and old currency.
We’re also interested in paper collectibles, military items, and musical instruments, working closely with outside appraisers to carefully evaluate those items for you.

Do I Need To Bring Identification?

Yes, current and accurate identification is legally required.
We must see valid identification when you are selling items to us. The forms of ID we accept include: a Driver License or ID Card issued by any state, a photo ID from a governmental agency, a U.S. passport, or a foreign passport, but only if the foreign passport is accompanied by another item that identifies your address in the U.S., such as a utility bill.

Should I Do Anything to My Items Before Bringing Them In?

No, there is no need to clean, fix, polish or sort your old jewelry, other than taking out the obvious costume jewelry, plated silver, or brass items. Likewise, we gladly accept tarnished sterling silver jewelry, flatware, and other pieces.
Coins should never be polished or cleaned, as this degrades their value.

How Much Jewelry and Other Items May I Bring In?

We will purchase any amount of gold, silver, or platinum jewelry and other objects you wish to sell. Most transactions are without any tax consequences, though some larger payouts may be subject to additional federal reporting and record keeping requirements.

San Francisco Gold Buyer is Patriot Act Compliant.

How Can I Tell If My Items Are Gold or Silver?

The simplest way to ascertain the potential metal content of your jewelry is to look for the karat markings inscribed on each piece. Most markings are found on the inside or underside of an item or on the clasp.
Any one of these markings indicates that your jewelry may be gold: For 10 karat: 10K, 10KT, 416. For 14 karat: 14K, 14KT, 585. For 18 karat: 18K, 18KT, 750. For Platinum: 950PT, Platinum, Plat, Plat 900/10%IR.
Silver items should be marked STERLING or 925.
Any fraction on gold jewelry indicates that the piece is gold filled, not solid gold, for which we pay at a reduced rate. Vermeil refers to gold plating on top of sterling silver and will be valued as silver.
It is important to note that some jewelry has false markings. This is why we perform certain scientific testing procedures here in our shop to determine their actual true metal content.

How Much Gold Jewelry Equals an Ounce of Gold?

We measure gold jewelry in grams, according to the karat level. There are 31.1 grams in one ounce.
It takes 2.400 ounces of 10K, 1.714 ounces of 14K, 1.333 ounces of 18K, and 1.091 ounces of 22K gold jewelry to equal one ounce of pure gold.

Why Should I Sell My Scrap or Unwanted Gold Today?

There has never been a better time to sell unwanted or broken gold jewelry. Gold prices have been reaching all time highs, resulting in excellent payouts for jewelry.
Many customers tell us “I never wear it” when selling their jewelry. That gold sitting in the bottom of your jewelry box is not making interest, and you most likely are paying interest on your debts. Why not use the neglected capital in your scrap gold and silver to pay off those debts? Or just have a good time?

Should I Wait to See If Gold and Silver Prices Go Higher?

That’s a difficult question to answer. In fact, there is no right or wrong answer to be had. Precious metals are a very dynamic marketplace with prices that rise and fall regularly. Although recent trends have maintained high rates, the decision to sell is personal. Many customers appreciate the opportunity to raise cash by selling items they otherwise are not using.

Is San Francisco Gold Buyer a Safe Environment?

Yes. We protect your safety with a high security environment. An armed guard is on the premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
We are located in an upscale, low-crime neighborhood with high foot traffic here in San Francisco.
For your convenience and peace of mind, our guard is available to escort you to your car after your transaction has been completed. Please request this complimentary service when you are ready to leave the shop.

Does San Francisco Gold Buyer Sell Precious Metals?

Yes. We offer a wide range of bullion options for the investor: gold coins, silver bars, pre-1965 U.S. silver coinage, selected fine jewelry and estate jewelry, and a good stock of coins and paper money for collectors.
Our inventory is constantly growing. Many fine jewelry designer pieces are offered at outstanding prices.

Am I Paid the “Spot” Gold or Silver Price for My Items?

No. The “spot” price for gold and silver refers to the price that the large commodities exchange members set among themselves for bulk transactions of precious metals. We, and other precious metals dealers, use the “spot” price as a starting point in the calculation of our appraisal of your materials.
San Francisco Gold Buyer offers highly competitive prices for your items, based on the moment-to-moment market setting.
The “spot” price represents a value for an ounce of pure gold or silver. Jewelry, especially gold, contains a significantly lower level of precious metal than the pure “spot” standard. For instance, 14K jewelry is 58.5% fineness of gold, not 100%. We base our buying prices on the varying percentages of gold according to the actual karat content of each piece.

Is San Francisco Gold Buyer Licensed?

Yes. We are licensed as a second hand dealer in the City of San Francisco, with a retail sales business permit. Also, we are a Licensed Pawn Broker.
San Francisco Gold Buyer belongs to the Better Business Bureau as an accredited business.

All of our certificates and memberships are on display so customers can be assured that we maintain a legal business.
We comply with all city, state, and federal legal requirements. You can do business with us knowing we are a legitimate and trustworthy operation.

What Are the Parking Options Near San Francisco Gold Buyer?

There’s plenty of on-street metered parking, as well as free parking in the surrounding residential neighborhood. We happily exchange quarters for your dollars so you can feed the meter.
If you drive, you won’t be more than a short walk to our door at 255 West Portal Avenue.

How Do I Reach San Francisco Gold Buyer By Muni?

You can take the S.F. Muni K, L, or M lines to the West Portal Station. Our shop is two blocks from the West Portal Station, at 255 West Portal Avenue.

Can I Pawn Items at S.F. Gold Buyer?

Yes. We are a licensed Pawnbroker.
We offer 80% of the appraised value with a four-month payment schedule. Pawns can be renewed for an additional four months if you so desire. Our rates comply with California statutes, which are displayed prominently at our shop.
Our shop is a safe, legitimate business where you can securely pawn your valuables.

Pawns can be redeemed Mondays – Saturdays. There is no pawn redemption on Sundays.