Is San Francisco Gold Buyer really a Pawn Shop?

Yes! San Francisco Gold Buyer is a pawnbroker. We hold a pawnbroker license issued by the County of San Francisco and the Attorney General of the State of California. In order to obtain this kind of license, we went through a rigorous vetting by state and local law enforcement officials. These kinds of licenses are not easy to obtain, and require the applicant to submit to a high level of constant oversight by law enforcement, to ensure protection of the consumer.

The loan option adds a valuable option to the services we off our clients. Some folks can’t make up their mind whether to sell that gold bracelet grandma gave them, or hang on to it until it comes back in style. Or perhaps they feel the price of gold will start shooting up again as it did several years ago. But they need the money right now, and may not have a lot of options to raise needed cash. We have small business owners who pawn items to bridge them until a client pays up on a big bill. A collateralized loan gives our clients the option of leveraging the value of an item, without having to part with it.

You may have a variety of other credit options available to you. Your bank may offer a line of credit in the form of overdraft protection, or a second mortgage on your home. You may have the option of a cash advance on your credit card. Some banks offer lines of credit for businesses. There are title loans available for your automobile. Sometimes a relative may be able to help. It’s wise to evaluate all finance options that might be available to you. Our interest rates for loans less than $2500 are set by the state for all loans. We welcome a comparison of our rates to whatever else may be available to you. The chart below lists the applicable charges.

We issue loans with a 4 month duration that can be re-written by paying the interest due on the previous 4 month period. The item remains on our premises, but the person pawning the item retains title of ownership as long as he pays the interest due, or pays off the loan entirely. All collateral is held here on site, carefully wrapped and stored. We maintain multiple redundant security systems, and all collateral is fully covered at retail value by our insurance. Typically we’ll loan up to 90% of the amount we would have offered to pay if you were selling the item outright. Of course you can accept a loan for a lesser amount, and lower your interest costs. We’ll loan on anything we would also buy from you. To see the kinds of items we buy, just have a look at our “what we buy” and “what we sell” pages.