Quick and Easy Pawn / Collateral Loans

Pawn/collateral loans are a fast convenient way to obtain the cash you need at a competitive interest rate. You can harness the value of your jewelry, coins, bullion, collectibles, or other valuables. There are no credit checks, spousal cosigning, loan application forms or employment checks. It’s a great way to raise cash quickly, without having to make the sacrifice of selling items you treasure.

Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will assess the value of your collateral items and make a loan offer on the spot. All we require is valid identification and we pay cash immediately. The loan has a four-month duration, and no payments are due until the end of the four-month period. Loans may be rewritten by paying the interest due for the previous period. Loans may of course be redeemed at any time. All collateral is held securely here on the premises. Interest rates and contractual issues conform to state law and are clearly stated on your loan ticket.

We make loans on a wide variety of jewelry, diamonds, watches, coins, bullion, musical instruments, luxury handbags, writing instruments, artwork, militaria, and antiques.