We Love Coins

SF Gold Buyer is a knowledgeable and active participant in the rare coin and currency field. We’ve been involved in collecting and trading in coins and paper money for many years, and have the necessary expertise to evaluate numismatic material in a wide variety of fields. In areas where our expertise is not as strong, we associate with partners across the country who help us to identify and evaluate the more obscure material. The growth of online resources, and the extraordinary capabilities of digital photography have taken much of the guesswork and mystery out of pricing numismatic material.

Our process is simple. For coins that don’t fit into the bulk bullion category, we carefully itemize and price the coins individually. Some older coins are bulk priced. For example we have a set price for common date buffalo nickels, and common date Indian head cents. However if we find a buffalo nickel or Indian penny that is a cut above, we’ll separate out that coin individually, and price it separately. We present you with a comprehensive list.

The choice of whether or not to sell, or which ones to sell is, of course, yours. There’s no cost to you for our evaluation, and no pressure to sell. We buy whole collections, or just one or two coins. Sometimes our customers bring in a cigar box full of coins a relative set aside a long time ago. Or coins they’ve brought back from a trip overseas. We buy and sell to sophisticated collectors who have studied the field of coin collecting and have put a lot of care into their collections. And we help newcomers to the field with any information or ideas we can share.

For sale in the store, you’ll find a well juried, interesting assortment of coins and paper money from all over the world – historically inportant gold, commemorative issues, proof issues, certified coins, medals, and tokens. There’s always something new going into our coin cases. And we’re always looking to build our inventory. You won’t get a higher offer from any dealer in town.

The list of types of coins and paper money we deal in is long, and just to name a few, here’s a brief list:

  • Ancients – Greek, Persian, Roman and Byzantine
  • Foreign coins both modern and old, Medieval European. Chinese coins and paper money is a
    focus area.
  • Foreign paper money, old and new. Chinese paper money especially sought.
  • US coinage and paper money of all kinds – pennies through $1000 bills. Large size currency is a
    specialty of ours, as well as silver dollars. Proof sets, mint sets, tokens, commemoratives, and
    bullion issues.
  • Mint errors and currency printing errors.
  • Always buying 90% and 40% silver coins.
  • Private mint bullion issues.